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My little sunshine baby

Smart cordless wearable electric breastmilk pump

Smart cordless wearable electric breastmilk pump

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Imagine pumping anywhere and anytime without the inconvenience of tubes, bottles hanging out your shirt, having to cover up, thinking of bottle storage bags…… very convenient right? Our pumps offer just that! With an ergonomic design that fits easily into your nursing bra and a 200ml bottle attached to the pump, you can pump anywhere at any time while going about your daily business!

For our moms new to pumping we got you sorted!  Our breast pumps are automatic and very easy to use with a memory mode that allows you to continue with your previous pumping session!

Experiencing nipple pain while pumping? Our pumps use a comfortable pumping technology with air warping to reduce friction and better protect your nipple.

You can use the different modes to suit all your pumping needs! 

Stimulation Mode 

Having trouble with milk flow? Our pump’s gentle massage of the nipple with fast speed and low suction stimulates the mammary glands to achieve milk production and smooth flow…

Expression Mode

Slow and deep with an even and comfortable suction mimicking your baby’s sucking which stimulates more milk flow and gives you a comfortable pumping experience

Memory Mode

Achieve consistency and save time with the memory mode as there’s no need to reset the pump every time you use it. You can pick up right where you left off…😊

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